Voters want President Trump to nominate a justice who will fight big money in politics (Hattaway Communications)

Jan 12, 2017

A majority of voters say it’s “very important” that Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court will limit the influence of big money in politics.

Voters care how the Supreme Court affects money in politics and who has power in our democracy, according to a survey by Hattaway Communications. Arguing against a nominee who sides with billionaire donors and wealthy special interests over everyday Americans will resonate with most voters regardless of party affiliation. 

  • Voters—almost unanimously—see the power of big money in politics as a problem, including two thirds of voters who say it’s “a very big problem.” Almost all voters also agree that the Supreme Court plays a role in setting the rules around money in politics, including nearly two thirds of whom say the Court plays a “very important role.”

  • 93% of voters—including 88% of conservatives, 90% of Republicans and 91% of Trump voters—think it is important that President Trump nominates a Supreme Court justice who is open to limiting the influence of big money in politics. 63% of voters say it is "very important."

  • More than three in four voters—including 70% of Republicans—agree that Congress should reject any Supreme Court nominee who will help the wealthy continue to wield too much power in our elections.

​Complete results are available here.

Date Released

Jan 12, 2017