PREVIEW: Moving Americans to Action: A Message Guide for Democracy Advocates

The subject of money in politics exists in a unique place within American political discourse. Virtually all Americans, across party lines and demographics, recognize that there is something fundamentally wrong with our democracy today. And yet, while 91 percent agree that money in politics is a problem, only 9 percent believe that we can reduce its influence in the next few years (Global Strategy Group).

Plainly stated, the greatest challenge to addressing the problem of money in politics is the public’s cynicism and hopelessness. The aim of this guide is to overcome that obstacle.

In our efforts to move Americans from cynicism to action, we must reach new audiences, and with new messages. From members of the emerging New American Majority—communities of color, women, and young people—to Democrats and Republicans alike, the opportunity exists to make new allies and strengthen the diversity and impact of a growing movement.

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