#RespectMyVote Social Toolkit

Sep 11, 2017

#RespectMyVote Social Toolkit

The sham election commission meets for the second time on September 12, 2017 at 10 a.m. ET, at Saint Anselm College in New Hampshire. Our biggest goal for the day on social media is to lift up pro-voter solutions from around the country.

We'll update this page with information on how to tune in to the livestream so you can follow along from wherever you may be located.

Join the conversation with #RespectMyVote.

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Twitter Sample Content

On Participation + Registration

Automatic voter registration increase voter participation and secures our elections — a true win for our democracy. #RespectMyVote

No matter who you are, all eligible voters should be able to participate in our democracy. #RespectMyVote 

At a time when states are passing laws that make voting complicated, we must dedicate ourselves to increasing participation. #RespectMyVote

10 states and D.C. have already adopted automatic voter registration. That's the kind of pro-voter reform our country needs. #RespectMyVote

Oregon Automatic Voter Registration Graphic

On Electronic Voting Systems

Our democracy is stronger when EVERY eligible American is allowed to cast a vote and have that vote be counted. #RespectMyVote

Our democracy should encourage eligible voters to vote and we need a system that is free, fair, and equal. #RespectMyVote

Trump & allies have launched an assault on our freedom to vote. The sham commission is nothing but a tool to implement that agenda. #RespectMyVote

Trump admin is using its sham commission to deter eligible voters from participating in our democracy. We can't let them. #RespectMyVote

The sham commission's request of voter information is a blatant political ploy to suppress voter turnout & purge voter rolls. #RespectMyVote

.@realDonaldTrump's sham commission is a team of anti-voter all-stars: Pence. Kobach. von Spakovsky. Adams. Blackwell. #RespectMyVote

Trump has assembled an anti-voter dream team with a long history of denying the freedom to vote for people of color. #RespectMyVote

At a time when states are passing laws that make voting complicated, we must dedicate ourselves to increasing participation. #RespectMyVote

If the Trump administration truly cares about the integrity of our elections, the sham voting commission should be disbanded. #RespectMyVote

Here's what we actually need: For Congress to #RestoreTheVRA, pass #AVRforAll, expand early voting, and end voter ID. #RespectMyVote

.@realDonaldTrump's sham voting commission violates our founding principles and threatens our national security. #RespectMyVote

Members of Congress MUST conduct vigorous oversight of Trump's sham commission & restrict any federal funding to support it. #RespectMyVote

Protecting the integrity of our electoral system shouldn't be a partisan issue. @realDonaldTrump has a grossly different view. #RespectMyVote

People died fighting for voting rights. We can't let the Trump administration rollback our progress & suppress those rights. #RespectMyVote

Rather than get distracted by the sham commission’s one-sided investigation, we must continue to implement pro-voter reforms. #RespectMyVote

Yes, @realDonaldTrump's sham voting commission has misplaced priorities and no credibility to carry out its mission. #RespectMyVote

Protest White House voting Rights

Thank you so much to Patrick McNeil at the Leadership Conference for helping out with sample tweets!


Join over a hundred organizations participating in a Thunderclap on 9/12 at this link.

"Our democracy is about participation not purges. All eligible voters matter & all votes count! #DontMessWithOurVote"

Facebook Live

The Democracy Initiative will be hosting a Facebook live after the event — check back for updates and links to follow along.


View and download unbranded share graphics here.

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