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Tyler Creighton, Senior Media Associate, Democracy

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Media Strategy
Its ability to flag breaking online conversations, identify key participants driving those conversations, and provide a snapshot of the conversation’s reach make the tool a no-brainer
May 14, 2018
Traditional media
At their core, embargoes are just another tactic to control and influence media coverage
Mar 20, 2018
Traditional media
You’ve just put the finishing touches on an amazing op-ed. Now what?
Apr 19, 2017
Traditional media
Quickly placing well-targeted op-eds from the right messengers can be critical for both framing the debate and extending the news cycle
Apr 4, 2017
Digital Media
The tweetstorm is a must-use tool in your communications toolbox for driving and shaping the social media and traditional media conversation
Sep 27, 2016
Traditional media
Before you say anything to a reporter, make sure you are on the same page about what these terms mean, as well as when they apply and when they do not
Sep 21, 2016