• Corporations not equal People
  • Guantanamo: Photo by the U.S. Army
  • Voting Rights
  • Senate Judiciary Committee Holds Hearing On Use of Drones: Photo by Mark Wilson
  • UN General Assembly Iran Security Council: Photo by Stan Honda
  • Protesting the NSA Surveillance Program: Photo by Win McNamee
  • Blind Justice: Photo by Mateo Rodriguez
  • An Indian youth activist takes part in a rally to mark Hiroshima Day in Mumbai on August 6, 2014
You all have been doing such tremendous work for and with all of us. THANK YOU.
Deepa Iyer, SAALT

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Aug 10, 2015
Judicial Independence and Fair Courts
Jul 21, 2015
By 43–30%, Americans Support the Iran Deal (YouGov)
Jul 20, 2015
By 56–37%, Americans Support the Deal with Iran, 31% Strongly (WaPo/ABC)


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