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Narrative Power & Collaboration are central to movement building

No single organization ever wins lasting policy change on its own. Lasting success involves team play. It involves recognizing and affirming the different strengths that varying organizations bring and working with them in a manner that is scaled to their capacity and grounded in their unique assets.

We power movements to become more than the sum of their parts by equipping them with the media and communications support that enables the larger team to maximize their impact. We eliminate redundancy and wasted staff time to realize economies of scale. We identify top messages, map the media landscape, and define an overall communications strategy to shape the public discourse and shift public opinion.

Media strategy is not just a necessity in any successful policy campaign. It is a medium through which to build high-performing coalitions.

Funders are an integral part of this work. In working alongside our funding partners for over 15 years, we have learned a few things about which investments are the most additive and make the biggest difference to achieving powerful, sustainable change.

ReThink has been absolutely indispensable to the BAMEMSA movement, providing messaging guidance, narrative discipline, and crisis response support that has often made all the difference in amplifying our communities’ voices, building civic engagement and power, and responding to incidents of hate.

Rana Elmir
Director, RISE Together Fund

Invest in Initiatives That


Amplify New Voices

When it comes to creating policy change and moving public opinion, who gets heard matters. At ReThink, we refer to this as “voiceshare.”


Build Narrative Power

While any “one message fits all” approach is destined to fail, strengthening message cohesion is critical to winning lasting change.


Center Collaboration

No single organization can win and sustain a policy victory. We win when we maximize our efforts and strengths across movements in pursuit of a shared goal.


Use Data to Drive Strategy

Every data point is an opportunity for learning, allowing us to refine and adapt our collective work and strengthen our hand for the next fight.


Power Rapid Response

When we are first to respond to the news, we have the power to shape the narrative and the public perspective on the solution.


Innovate. Measure. Learn.

Experimentation is critical. It’s how we leverage successes, share best practices, and prepare groups to navigate a constantly changing landscape.

07 Things You Can Do (As a Funder or a Donor)

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