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Taking Space, Making Space: How Organizations and Journalists Can Platform Diverse Voices in Peace and Security Media

Read about the tangible steps organizations and journalists can take in order to ensure a more diverse set of voices — in terms of both gender and race — get heard.

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How advocacy organizations can engage new audiences using visual social media

Reaching and winning over youth audiences is vital for advancing our issues. So how can we communicate successfully on visual platforms like Instagram and TikTok in order to reach this demographic?

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Arms control advocates have increased voiceshare, media audit finds

What are some of the major themes emerging from media coverage of nuclear weapons and war? Who is being heard on this issue, and what are they saying? How have recent geopolitical changes affected this coverage? To address these questions, ReThink Media conducted an extensive analysis of media, messaging, and opinion coverage of nuclear security…

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Hispanic Heritage Month: Latinx Partners Leading The Way

Hispanic Heritage Month is an opportunity to honor and celebrate the countless contributions to American society and culture made by Latinx community members. There are more than 60 million Latinx Americans working to make our country a stronger, better whole. They are parents, students, community leaders, engineers, artists, doctors, entrepreneurs, civil servants, and a critically…

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Should You Start a Podcast? Insights from a Conversation with Independent Podcast Host, Saadia Khan

More of the U.S. population is listening to podcasts than ever before, with the percentages reaching record highs in 2023. As part of ReThink Media’s ongoing series of trainings and online resources on audio journalism, Rights & Inclusion Fellow Lily Lucas recently spoke to podcast host and producer Saadia Khan about the benefits of podcasting…

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Can you speak Gen Z: Messaging to Younger and More Diverse Audiences

Every four years, tens of millions of Americans head to the polls to cast their ballot for president, but not before they’ve been inundated by a wave of public polling and electoral predictions. Candidate popularity, voter surveys on key issues, and turnout forecasts—you name it and it’s probably been polled. It’s enough to make anyone’s…

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Get your story heard: tips for pitching to podcasts and radio

Do you have a story to tell? Newspapers, magazines, and blogs are not the only way to get your message out there; podcasts and radio are a great medium for your story to be shared and reach new audiences. As of 2023, 42% of Americans ages 12 and older have listened to a podcast in…

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A Change in Leadership at ReThink

Some of you know us very well, and we’ve been movement partners for years. For others, you know ReThink, but principally through the work of our outstanding colleagues. That outcome is by design. Our entire model is based on centering organizations and leaders working for a more just and peaceful world. We’ll share two phrases…

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