About ReThink Training

We deliver on-line and in-person media skills workshops for nonprofit of all sizes and select experts. Every session we do is uniquely tailored for the situation at hand. Since we limit both the number of issues we work on and the range of organizations involved, our workshops are solidly grounded in an understanding of the media landscape on that issue and the organizations involved.

No two workshops are alike, but we do have a core curriculum of sessions developed in response to the stated needs of the groups we work with. Below are short descriptions of sessions we commonly lead, but you are equally welcome to inquire about a unique need or situation that your organization faces. You’re also welcome to browse our selection of white papers and top tips and use what you need.

If you work in one of our issue areas and are interested in commissioning a media and communications training tailored to your organization's needs, email us at training@rethinkmedia.org.

How Can We Work Together?


If your organization works in one of our issue areas or as an allied group, you may be eligible for access to many of the resources and training we offer.

If you are supporting progressive causes in another sector and want to find out more about advancing a similar capacity-building initiative to support the work of your grantees, we are eager to help—ask about our advisory and consulting work.

If you are a program officer at a foundation or an individual philanthropist interested in advancing or finding out more about ReThink’s work, ask us about our Partners program.