Our Values

Our Mission

ReThink’s mission is to build movements through media and communications.

Strategic communications about driving a powerful narrative, not sending out a press release or penning an op-ed. Ultimately, movements succeed when we communicate our values successfully and inspire our constituencies.

Success is not possible, however, if organizations do not have the capacity, the training, and the resources to drive their messages. Building one organization’s capacity is inadequate because no single organization can win a policy victory by itself.

Winning Lasting Change is a Team Effort.

The easiest analogy is to a team sport. A professional team has players who specialize in their roles. They work together and when they each maximize their individual strengths in pursuit of a shared goal, they win.

Organizations are no Different.

That’s why we focus on collaborative communications.

By helping each organization pinpoint its strategic perspective and additive value, we can propel issues into public consciousness. In communications terms, we don’t want to fight over the same column inches or sound bites, we want to measurably increase the number of column inches and sound bites for the issue overall.

Communications can be the glue that binds efforts together while competing for media attention and keeping press lists private is self-defeating. Our goal can’t be competing for a slice of the media pie. Our goal must be creating a bigger pie. And the more we engage the media, the greater the coverage.

You’ll hardly ever see our name in print. We deliberately operate behind the scenes and we work hard to be a neutral convener. To us, success looks like building greater cohesion; centering the voices of the advocates, experts, and community spokespeople that we work with; and reaching and building a broader constituency—a constituency that values and stands up for civil and human rights, a stronger and more representative democracy, and international cooperation and diplomacy.

Our Values

Our mission is to build strong movements for social and political change through the medium of media and communications. Here’s what that looks like:

We are only one organization, but we believe that how we show up matters. We aim to be a leader in values-driven work and that goal informs literally all our decision making.

We have strong internal values, but the majority of our work is focused on supporting partner organizations and doing our best to help them.

We believe that effective organizations embrace a wide variety of lived experiences and cultural competencies.

We put a lot of thought into our work culture for three reasons: (1) We want every staff member to be maximally effective. (2) We want to nurture a work environment that is balanced and sustainable. And (3) we view every position as its own path toward professional development.

We believe in building mutually respectful partnerships with our funding partners.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice

Our commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) principles has been central from Day One. As an organization dedicated to elevating under-represented voices, we believe that incorporating a diversity of lived experiences makes for better decision-making, a more representative combination of skills and perspectives, and, hopefully, more just outcomes. This is a goal for the larger fabric of national policy making, but equally a goal for our own organization. Cultural competency is as indispensable to serving our organizational partners as savvy strategic media skills, and attracting, retaining, and appreciating a diverse and talented staff lies at the heart of our work.

We believe that institutional transparency is a critical component of creating a workplace where all the rules apply equally, and policy development is inclusive.

We believe that a healthy work environment is critical to sustaining people in their work.

Our DEIJ commitments aren’t just inward-looking: we work to center them throughout all our program work and institutional partnerships.

We aim to be forthright about our commitments and accountable for our progress. That requires public transparency and clear goals.

How Can We Work Together?


If your organization works in one of our issue areas or as an allied group, you may be eligible for access to many of the resources and training we offer.

If you are supporting progressive causes in another sector and want to find out more about advancing a similar capacity-building initiative to support the work of your grantees, we are eager to help—ask about our advisory and consulting work.

If you are a program officer at a foundation or an individual philanthropist interested in advancing or finding out more about ReThink’s work, ask us about our Partners program.