Peace and Security

Both America and the world are made more secure by engaged diplomacy and international cooperation. Our Peace and Security team is proud to work closely with the nation’s foremost leaders and experts, advocating solutions to some of the most complex and challenging national security issues of the 21st century.

Security and Rights

Our Security and Rights collaborative is comprised of the leading groups and experts in the country working toward the protection of human and civil rights in a post 9/11 world. This includes working to strengthen the rule of law and protect the rights of citizens to be free from discrimination, racial and religious profiling, and unwarranted surveillance and suspicion.


America was founded on a simple and straightforward principle—government of the people, by the people, for the people. Today, however, it's under an unprecedented attack. Our Money in Politics, Fair Courts, and Voting Rights team works with the leading local, regional, and national groups and advocates to ensure that all Americans have an equal voice by promoting judicial and campaign finance reform, increasing transparency, and protecting voting rights.

Media Strategy
With ReThink's new Millennials & New Media Guide and our reporter contact database, it's never been easier to tailor your pitch for the right outlets
Feb 13, 2018

Messaging, Media, and Opinion Analysis

Media coverage affects public opinion––and what the public thinks about an issue affects how the media covers it. This symbiotic relationship is at the heart of crafting any effective communications strategy. ReThink conducts in-depth media and opinion analysis on each of our issue areas, informed by all of the publicly available polls and driven by a database of tens of thousands of quotes and stories. We know what the public thinks, what messages are driving the narrative, who’s being sourced, and what journalists are driving discourse.