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Young people holding a voter registration table at a college campus
Media Strategy
Young voters are poised to make up the largest voting bloc in the country and could be instrumental in deciding the outcome of our next election.
Podcast host and guest having a discussion
Traditional media
With audio journalism on the rise, here are 7 tips for improving your pitching to radio and podcasts.
ReThink Media co-founders Lynn Fahselt and Peter Ferenbach
ReThink Media
Since we work in media and communications, we often find ourselves advising people not to “bury the lede,” so we won’t do so ourselves: 2023 will be our last year as full-time staff at ReThink.
ReThink Media Board Member, Reva Patwardha
ReThink Media
Please join me in welcoming ReThink Media's incoming Executive Director, Mark Reading-Smith!
Headshot of Mark Reading-Smith
I have built a career working behind the scenes to center colleagues and impact issues for communities I am not a part of. This will be a pillar of how I engage as ReThink's Executive Director.
Media Strategy
Explore how nonprofits and advocacy orgs alike can leverage the surge in podcast listenership to diversify their digital media strategy
Media Strategy
With declining organic reach and costly paid advertising, it can be difficult to stay relevant on social media. Here are 10 trends to inspire your social media strategy in 2023
A group of workers at slate of computers in an open air office for a company
Digital Media
How AI can be helpful and harmful for nonprofit communications
An image of young protestors. One holds a sign reading "Time for Change"
There is still much we don’t know about young voters, but recent polling suggests that they engage with media and politics in new ways.
Media Strategy
Whether you are a novice or native Spanish-speaker, here are some things to consider when engaging and pitching Latino media in Spanish
Photo of a cell phone with text on screen reading "Welcome to Twitter"
Digital Media
For those who rely on Twitter as a tool for public engagement, the current period of uncertainty poses a slate of challenges. Here's 5 quick tips to prepare for the days ahead.
iPhone with Twitter logo
Digital Media
Nonprofits should get ready now to respond quickly and effectively to ongoing turmoil on Twitter.