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Speak to your target audiences and supporters, make connections with journalists and academics
U.S. Supreme Court building
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It’s been nearly a decade since the Shelby ruling, and as we check out the forecast across the country—it looks like voters are still getting soaked.
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It's much easier to put our opinions, expertise, and experience out there if we aren't worried about the backlash we might face for it
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When it comes to building a more representative, just, and equitable society, it matters who gets quoted, heard, promoted, and elected
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Media Strategy
You will need to make a persuasive case answering two questions for the editorial board
Jill Biden
Media Strategy
Journalists say they find academic subject matter experts to be among the most credible sources
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With the election behind us, nonprofit organizations can now shift their focus to what they want to achieve over the next four years
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Feeling burned by the polls again this year? Read this and learn how to trust again.
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Media Strategy
What to expect—and not expect—from exit polling
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Media Strategy
Do you have Twitter lists of key reporters? Have you coordinated a hashtag? Is your messaging aligned? What's your plan to go live?
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Here are some of our favorite resources that have implications for how all of us can make our voices heard
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Media Strategy
How are your press lists? Can you pre-draft op-eds? Are you thinking about Day Two stories?