Peace and Security

Both America and the world are made more secure by engaged diplomacy and international cooperation. Our Peace and Security team is proud to work closely with the nation’s foremost leaders and experts, advocating solutions to some of the most complex and challenging national security issues of the 21st century.

A foreign policy with clear objectives, strong diplomacy, and loyal allies is a requirement for US and global security. Our Peace and Security team works closely with the nation's leading foreign affairs experts — and underrepresented voices — to highlight solutions to the most pressing foreign policy challenges of our time. From the Financial Times to Fox News, our work has global visibility and impact. 

While the experts we work with develop durable diplomatic solutions to address North Korea's nuclear program, we distill that information so the public can understand it. As researchers examine the growing list of battlefields US troops and drones are deployed in abroad, we're connecting them with data viz journalists. With more citizens and local governments pushing to reduce the risk of nuclear war, we're illuminating the pathways to do it. 

ReThink Media was founded with the lead support of Ploughshares Fund, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Colombe Foundation, who jointly invested in building the media and communications capacity of think tanks, advocacy organizations, and experts working toward a more constructive US foreign policy. In recent years, our supporters include the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Open Society Foundations, and the Hewlett Foundation. 

The Peace and Security team

Working with all of our teams is a core staff that directs its specialized skills evenly across each effort. The core team includes a veteran of broad, overarching issue-mapping; a lead campaign strategist; a specialist in digital media strategies; an experienced public opinion and media analyst; and an administrator who holds it all together. Learn more about our core team.