Celebrating a Decade of Building Narrative Power with a New Look

Jul 13, 2020
We spruced up our website to better capture the incredible work we get to do, day-in and day-out, to support advocates across the country

In celebration of more than a decade of strengthening movements through building narrative power, we began an effort earlier this year of sprucing up our website to better capture the incredible work we get to do, day-in and day-out, to support advocates across the country. 

While a website refresh hardly makes the cut at a time like this, the work has never been more critical—and our team never prouder—to support advocates fighting to combat Islamophobia and advance civil rights; working tirelessly toward realizing a more representative, just, and reflective democracy; and putting international cooperation, human rights, and diplomacy ahead of militarism and endless war. For ReThink, that means continuing to ensure that these issues and spokespeople break into coverage during COVID-19, going into the Fall, and well beyond. If you are new to our work, take a minute to read more about each of these issues, the groups we work with, and our team members

While you’ll hardly ever see our name in print, we have other ways of measuring our impact. To us, success is building greater collaboration and cohesion across movements, using data to inform strategy, amplifying the voices of advocates, experts, and community spokespeople, and powering rapid response. To this end, we have trained, pitched, and placed hundreds of spokespeople. As one participant said, "no other professional media training comes within a country mile of ReThink's in terms of value." But don’t take it from us; listen to past trainees give their reasons for Why YOU Should Participate in a ReThink Spokesperson Training, read our New Voices case study, and check out Our Work to read more about each of these components of our work.

Yet a decade in, our work is far from over. We are partnering with groups across the country to achieve a more just, inclusive, and peaceful America. And we see each campaign and each of our three issue collaboratives as learning laboratories, taking key findings from one area of our work and applying them to campaigns in other issue areas. We derive lessons cross-collaboratively and share best practices with the hundreds of organizations that we work with, informed by that learning. Learn more about some of our favorite case studies, including success stories, the strategies that helped us win, and the partners involved in the fight.

From building up a new generation of spokespeople, to providing actionable message research in real time, to providing leaders with executive-level training in strategic communications to maximize their organizations’ impact, see where we are headed in the decade to come.

We could never fully put into words how grateful we are for the groups we get to work with, for the unique partnerships with our funders, and for the measurable movement-building successes over the past decade, but from our point of view, we’re just getting started.

Join us for the fight ahead?

  • If your organization works in one of our issue areas or as an allied group, you may be eligible for access to many of the resources and training we offer.
  • If you are supporting progressive causes in another sector and want to find out more about advancing a similar capacity-building initiative to support the work of your grantees, we are eager to help—ask about our advisory and consulting work.
  • If you are a program officer at a foundation or an individual philanthropist interested in advancing or finding out more about ReThink’s work, ask us about our Partners program.
  • And if you want to join our team, and put your mark on making all of the above possible, learn about Career opportunities at ReThink and find out how we invest in our team members for the long haul.