Our Partners & the Collaboratives We Serve

Peace and Security
ReThink Media was founded with the lead support of Ploughshares Fund, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and the Colombe Foundation, who jointly invested in building the media and communications capacity of think tanks, advocacy organizations and experts working toward a more constructive US foreign policy. Since then, ReThink Media's work with the peace and security community has grown and is now supported by the Connect U.S. Fund, the Carnegie Corporation of New York and the Hewlett Foundation.

Security & Rights
In 2009 the National Security & Human Rights (NSHR) campaign partnered with ReThink to launch a new capacity-building initiative to support organizations working to restore respect for civil liberties, human rights, and the rule of law to U.S. national security policies. The NSHR campaign was made possible with the support of the Atlantic Philanthropies, the Oak Foundation, the Open Society Foundations, the Stewart R. Mott 7007 Fund and others. In 2011 the Fund changed its name to the Security & Rights Collaborative.

Money in Politics and Fair Courts
In 2013 the Piper Fund partnered with ReThink Media to launch the Collaborative Communications Initiative (CCI), supporting groups that work to strengthen democracy, curb the influx of money in politics, and ensure an independent judiciary free of outside influence. The project seeks to strengthen the capacity of organizations and broaden the movement for reform and aims to help channel the growing outrage at decisions such as Citizens United into effective action.