Our Top-Viewed Blog Posts of the Last Year (and What They Tell Us)

Feb 4, 2019
It is important for all organizations to analyze the previous year’s traffic to assess what worked, what didn’t, and what they’d like to try in the new year
So what if our end-of-year round-up is being published in February? I have a very good excuse; I was home with my newborn twins. (Also, paid parental leave… get on board, rest of America!)
Despite the delay, it is still important for all organizations to analyze the previous year’s traffic to assess what worked, what didn’t, and what they’d like to try in the new year. (See this blog post about the types of things to look at.)
For us at ReThink, here are the blog posts that got the most traffic (and what we can learn from that), so you can bring yourself up to speed with your communications strategy in 2019:

1. Millennial Guide Companion: Where to Pitch Your Op-Ed

What this tells us: People love round-ups, especially ones that make their jobs easier. In 2018, ReThink Media rolled out its Millennials and New Media Guide. (Sidenote: Are you a ReThink community member and need a copy? Email [email protected].) While the whole 132-page document is worth reading, sometimes you need someone to really steer you in the right direction. The outlets listed in this blog post accept op-ed content, period.


2. On-the-Record, Off-the-Record, On-Background, and Not-for-Attribution, Explained

What this tells us: If the spate of news stories and tell-all books from this administration teaches us anything, it’s that many people need a refresher of what it means to be “off-the-record” (and other attribution agreements). Don’t pull a Scaramucci; read this blog post if you need to brush up.

3. Everything You Need to Know to Pitch Your Killer Op-Ed

What this tells us: What did I say about round-ups? We’ve compiled a litany of tips to help you successfully pitch your op-ed. Also, take a minute to optimize your content for search engines. When you Google, “where to pitch op-ed,” this is in the top-few hits, above even The New York Times’s tips for op-eds.

4. How Does Twitter Decide What's Trending?

What this tells us: Again, consider your SEO. This was a years-old post written by an intern (hi Sarah!) that continues to be one of our top-performing posts. Why? Google the question, “How does Twitter decide what is trending?” It turns out that because our blog post answers the question clearly and succinctly, it got pulled in as the answer Google first provides:

Our lesson: Think about how people will search for this content, and frame it for them that way, not necessarily how you might speak about a topic internally.

5. How to Run a Facebook Live Session: A Step-By-Step Guide

What this tells us: People love articles that tell them how to do things, especially things that might seem tricky or out-of-reach. This blog post clearly breaks down the steps you need to take to run a simple Facebook Live session. Bonus: It also includes tips for upping your Facebook Live game, including lower-third chyrons, adding a logo, or embedding tweets. Check it out!


6. How to Effectively Engage Your Elected Officials

What this tells us: TIPS. Tips, tips, tips. Tips posts perform well. In this post, Zainab Chaudary, a former congressional staffer, shares strategies that actually make a difference to capture an elected official’s attention.

7. What to Include in Your Twitter Bio to Look Like an Expert

What this tells us: Again, SEO is real. Yes, this is a post that accompanies one of our most popular and most-requested trainings. But it also answers a problem that people search the Internet to answer. Ever gotten writer’s block when confronted with that little empty box? Here are some ways to frame yourself as an expert.

8. Who Are You Trying to Reach? Some Ideas for Targeting Facebook Ads

What this tells us: People love searching “the ‘net” for new good ideas. Pull some together to make a tricky-sounding topic seem less intimidating. Give people a place to start.


9. What's the Deal With News Embargoes, Anyways?

What this tells us: Is there a question you can answer that speaks to your expertise? Help a fellow communicator and just spell it out.

10. So You Want to Go Viral? Hashtag Campaigns for Social Change

What this tells us: We love a good case study, and it turns out, so do you. You’ve already done the work of putting together a killer campaign. Take a couple extra minutes and write about how it went so you and others can learn from it.
ReThink is committing to reviewing lots of our case studies in the year ahead to glean the most we can about which of our strategies are most effective, so we can continue to provide you the best advice possible.


What topics would you like to see the ReThink blog cover in 2019? Tweet to us @rethink_media to let us know!