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Your New Year’s Resolutions: Communications Style

Jan 5, 2022
Level up your communications strategy and skills in the new year

Another year, another list of resolutions. But don’t worry, this post won’t talk about eating healthy meals or hitting the gym. Rather, here is a list of resolutions to level up your communications strategy and skills in the new year. Which are you excited to take on?

Write more

Are you hoping to write more in the new year?

Make new friends

From journalists to advocates, here are some strategies to make new connections in the new year.

Plan ahead

2022 is sure to be a big year with many media opportunities.

Raise more money

  • This post shares 12 strategies to use your communications successes to raise more money and build more power, from creating your own buzz to building a legacy fund. 

Learn to say no (and stop apologizing)

Pass the mic

Get a facelift (no, not literally)

Take to the streets

Protect yourself and your team